Nov 8, 2008

Wandahoo Robot Carnival Petit in Soka (Nov 2, 2008)

Robot competition, "Wandahoo Robot Carnival Petit" in Soka Fusasara Festival, sponsored by Mr. Ishikawa was carried out at Souka City, Saitama Prefecture on Nov. 2nd, 2008.

Twenty-four robots joined the competition. Three types game, 2m foot race, pushing or pulling basket with full goods and getting cubs(team game) were carried out.

The competition stared at 11:30 am. The winner was Sarga (Igaa). The 2nd place was EndlessSatobo (B-saku), the 3rd place was GY-Shiranui (Dr.GIY).

Robots were also divided into 2 teams, red team or white team. In the case of competition of two robots, winner robot team got points. The winning team was white team. Videos are as follows:

Garu vs Shiranui, 2 m foot race

Shiguma vs Endless-Satobo , 2 m foot race

Nagare-Yellow vs Fantom

Yakuma vs Gashaperion, 2m foot race

MetalArthur vs MecabonBRX, Basket carrying race

Nagare-Black vs Aerostriker, Basket carrying race

Nagare-Yellow vs Fantom, Basket carrying race

Shiguma vs Endless-Satobo, Basket carrying race

Shiranui vs Garu, Basket carrying race

Gat vs Saga, Basket carrying race

Nagare-Yellow, Manui and Novagon vs Saga, Koyuki and Gashaperion, Team game getting cubs

Garu, GAT and Aerostriker vs Shiguma, Nagare-Black and Zerufa, Team game getting cubs

Kinopy, MetalArthur and VARIANT-1 vs Ryuuki2, Aonari3 and Manoio, Team game getting cubes

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