Feb 21, 2010

ROBO-ONE Light Class Selective Fight in Yokohama ( Feb 20th, 2010)

ROBO-ONE Light Class (under 3 kg) Selective Fight, sponsored ROBO-ONE Committee, took place at Housquare Yokohama, during Humanoid Project 2nd on Feb 20th, 2010.

The 17th ROBO-ONE will take place in Kawasaki on March 21st, 2010. Winner robot gets the right of attend the 17th ROBO-ONE. The 17th ROBO-ONE will be held as the tournament with winner of the local robot competition.

ROBO-ONE announced new regulation of the 17th ROBO-ONE Tournament on Feb 1st. The main change of regulation is arms and body horizontal total length, which is changed from under 340 % to under 240% that of leg. The arm length is not changed under 120 % that of leg. As the result, body wide length is limited compared with former regulation. This selective fight tournament was carried out under the new regulation for the 17th ROBO-ONE

Fourteen robots joined the competition. The winner was Fantom, the 2nd place was Gargoil-mini and the 3rd place was stormwave light2. Fantom was newly remodeled custom-built robot with parallel linkage leg mechanical structure by Black. Gargoil-mini was also custom-built robot with the leg structure. The structure is well known to a stable one for fight among bobot builders.

The idea of parallel linkage mechnical structure to apply to hobby robot was opened by Yoshimura, who called as `God of ROBO-ONE` in July 2007. Then it was introduced to ROBO-ONE fight in the Over Regulation Class (ORC) robot, 'Cavalia' by Emanon at first. It was also introduced to Standard Regulation Class (SRC) Robot, ‘Daigakku’ by Akitsuka at ROBO FIGHT 8 (Nov 2~3, 2008). His SRC robot joined the ORC tournament and defeated 'Yogoroza', one of the 4 strong robots called four god machine in Kansai District of Japan, and also defeated 'Automo 03' one of the strong robots in Kyushu District. Of course, the winner of SRC was `Daigakku`. Since the parallel linkage leg has been being popular leg system in the robot fight. Daigakku also attended this tournament, it lost the semi-final match by the winner Fantom.

In the Kanto-gumi Robot Training Meeting on Feb 14, 2010, Kupapa also introduced his newly remodeled custom-built robot 'Chrom-Kid' with parallel linkage leg as photo.

Videos are as follows;

Semi-final match:Gargoil-mini vs stormwave light2

Semi-final match:Fantom vs Daigakku

Final Match:Fantom vs Gargoil-mini

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