Jun 8, 2010

The 6th KHR Anniversary at ASAKUSA ROX3 in Tokyo (Part 1) (June 5-6, 2010)

The 6th KHR Anniversary, Robot competition, sponsored by KONDO KAGAKU CO.,LTD took place at ASAKUSA ROX3 on June 5-6th, 2010.

KHR-1, the first biped hobby robot developed by KONDO KAGAKU CO., LTD, was put on the market in June 2004. KHR 1st Anniversary took place on July 3rd in 2005. Since KHR Anniversary holds every year for KHR users.

In the 6th Anniversary, competitions took place on June 5th were the 5th KONDO BATTLE (Light Open Class and Light KHR Class), Autonomous Beach Flag Competition (Student Class and Expert Class) and Multi-Legged Robot Contest. The 21st KONDO CUP SOCCER (KHR Class and Open Class) and Dance Contest took place on June 6th. The 6th KHR Anniversary was shown on Ustream KONDO site for 2 days.

Competitions were carried out at ASAKUSA ROX3 in Tokyo. The main stage was prepared for the 5th KONDO BATTLE and Multi-Legged Robot Contest. For Autonomous Beach Flag competition, soccer court of the KONDO CUP KHR Class was prepared in the right hand. The scene before opening ceremony on June 5th was as follows.

In the behind seats of main stage on June 5th, participants are preparing and adjusting motion of robots for their competition. Some robots of competitors were as follows:

The 2nd day, the main stage was changed to soccer court of KHR Class and the court for Beach Flag competition was changed to soccer court of KONDO CUP Open Class. There were also some booths of KONDO and robot related company. The scene before competitions on June 6th was as follows.

The commemorative photo of the 1st day robots attended for the 5th KONDO BATLE, Beach Flag Competition and Multi-Legged Robot Contest
The commemorative photo of the 2nd day robots attended for the 21st KONDO CUP and Robot Dance Contest
After the 1st day events, party for players and stuffs of KONDO also took place at `WATAMI` a Japanese pub in Asakusa. Attendants exchanged their opinion and information about hobby robots. The details of each competition will be uploaded in another my blog page.

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