Jun 11, 2010

The 6th KHR Anniversary (Part 4) The 5th Autonomous Robot Beach Flag Competition ( June 5, 2010 )

The 6th KHR Anniversary, Robot competition, sponsored by KONDO KAGAKU CO.,LTD took place at ASAKUSA ROX3 on June 5-6th, 2010. The 5th Autonomous Robot Beach Flag Competition took place on June 5th, 2010.

The first competition was held in the 4th KHR Anniversary on June 7, 2008. Robot Beach Flag game is similar to human's one. Two robots start from each opposite side and push down the pole sat in the center within 3 mins. The robot push down the pole at first gets point. Each game has 2 round. The game is carried out in the soccer court that of KONDO CUP KHR Class. The pole (beach flag) attached 40 kHz ultra sonic wave sender is sat in the center circle.

As radio control is prohibited, all robots have to move autonomously. Just robots KHR series based KHR-1, KHR-2HV, KHR-1HV or KHR-3HV can join the competition. Exchange of 5 servo motor to high torque one such as KRS-2350HV, KRS-4013HV or KRS-4014 is permitted (Exchange to KRS-2552HV is free). There are two classes, one is Student Class and the other is Expert Class.

The robot joins the Student Class has to use RCB-1, RCB-3HV, RCB-3J, RCB-4HV, MP1 (Motion Processor-1), MP-2 (Motion Precessor-2) as the main control board and KCB-1 as the sensor control board.

The robot joins Expert Class has no limitation concerning the main sensor board and the sensor control board. For the Expert Class, a obstacle sets in the court.

It is necessary for winning the competition to reproduce motions accurately. Robot has to push down the pole at first in each game. Pushing down at first is the most important to win the match. Robot with the best record is not always the winner.

Three robots joined Student Class and the Champion was YSE_beachboy by Suzuki. Six robots joined Expert Class and the Champion was SevortZZ by Tokai University Robocup Soccer Project Team.

Expert Class Final, SevortZZ by TOKAI University Robo Cup Soccer Project vs KAIT-β by KANAGAWA INSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY. The best record was 18.13 seconds by SevortZZ.

Exhibition match of Student Class Champion and Expert Class took place. The winner was the Student Class Champion, YSE_beachboy. The best record was 12.13 seconds by YSE_beachboy.

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