Nov 22, 2010

The 3rd Robot Survival Game took place at Make: Tokyo Meeting 06 (Nov 20-21, 2010)

Make:Tokyo Meeting 06 sponsored by O’Reilly Media, Inc., publisher of the Magazine `Make` for hobbyist of making something, took place at Tokyo Institute Technology on Nov 20-21, 2010.   Lots of exhibition, such as electric circuit, art, DIY, craft, science etc. were introduced.

The 3rd Robot Survival Game took place for 2 days at Make: Tokyo Meeting 06.  Tanaka-san and other members demonstrated some kind of survival game and also exhibited robots and mobiles with gun and sensor systems of Robot Survival Game at the exhibition room.  Tanaka-san planed field layout with travel cases because there were no cardboard boxes.

Eight robots and mobiles joined
BLACK TIGER L45 did not join because I was too busy to prepare my robot.  Eight robots and mobiles joined were as follows;

`Arnold Stallone`, which was changed from 4-legged to 6-legged robot with KCB-3WL, which was a new board for remote controlling robot system from KONDO by watching image around the robot on PC, with double guns system was custom-built by Noborizaka. 

`Denryu’ with 8 wheels mobile was custom-built by gons.

`Goryu`, mobile with wheel for Robot Sumo was custom-built by Koizumi.

'Gunroller-kai', mobile with wheel which was based Gunroller on the market by Tanaka.

`Osaru-2.5gou`, 6-legged robot was custum-built by Osaru. He is 11 years old and made this new 6-legged robot.

'Σ (Shiguma)', 6-legged robot was custum-built by Shimaken.

`Vanga`, 6-legged with wheels robot was custom-built by Igaa. It could move very fast using wheel system.

`Yabusame`, 4-legged robot was custom-built by Mota.

Main regulations of the Robot Survival Game are as follows;
1) Mobile bodies are not only multi-legged robot or biped robot but also mobile with wheel or caterpillar.
2) Weapons are toy-gun under 0.1 J and/or the other shooting system.
3) Equipped stopping mechanism of the body by gun-hit sensor using a solar battery covered with tinfoil (6 x 6 x 6 cm cubed or 5 x 6 x 7 cm).
4) Robot control has to be done with the image on PC from the camera attached on the robot.
5) Participants have to handle toy-gun carefully and put protector on eyes.

Standard Gun-Hit Sensor Flame
Tanaka-san planed new standard gun-hit sensor flame for easy covering with tinfoil. Most of members used  standard ones in the 3rd Robot Survival Game.

Robot Survival Games
Two kinds of team game took place. Eight robots were dived into two teams.   Game time is 3 minutes.

1. Destroy the enemy completely: Each team fights to destroy the enemy completely within 3 minutes. The winner team is having larger number of survival robot after 3 minutes.  Three games took place without camera system.

2. Flag fight: Each team fights to shoot down flag in the enemy territory as the combat shooting. The winner is the team shot down the enemy flag within 3 minutes or the team which has larger number of survival robot after 3 minutes in the case of each flag does not shoot down within 3 minutes.  Three games took place without camera system.

The details were described in TOKYO TEK blog (in English),  Sanzai-san's blog (1) (2) , Osaru-kun blog, Daily Portal Z and Tanaka-san's blog (in Japanese).

Trials of the Robot Survival Game were held twice on April 10th and June 13th, 2010. The 1st Robot Survival Game took place on July 19th and the 2nd one on Sep 11th, 2010 at ASOBITCITY in Akihabara, Tokyo and the details were described in this blog.

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Hi Mr. IKETOMU, the Robot Survival Game has a touch of home made very attractive, very nice planed the standard gun-hit flame sensor. In future it would be nice to see more articles "how to make" would be great!