Feb 20, 2012

Okawara-Mecha Battle Tournament at INAGI MUNICIPAL iPLAZA, Tokyo (Feb. 18, 2012)

Okawara-Mecha Battle Tournament took place at INAGI MUNICIPAL iPLAZA, Tokyo on Feb. 18, 2012 during Exhibition of Works by Kunio Okawara, who is well known as a Mechanic Designer of Mobile Suit in the famous animation `MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM`.

Twenty-three robots joined the tournament. It was possible to order of the song when robot entered the ring. The main regulation for robots joined was to wear the exterior of Okawara works such as GUNDAM. Robot could use a gun and if the bullet from the gun hit the opponent, Robot got one-down. The other robot fight regulations were the same as the ROBO-ONE Tournament.

I think the most excelent robot was BERSERGA IMITATE custom-built by Igaa-san.

There were two good shaped Zaku Ⅱ, which were custom-built by Nagu-san and Kupapa-san.

The 1st stage, GUNDAM RGM-79 vs ZAKU Ⅱfor Char Aznable. The winner was ZAKU Ⅱ.

The 2nd stage, BERSERGA IMITATE vs MS-06F ZAKU Ⅱ. BERSERGA IMITATE shot gun, however miss the opponent. The winner was ZAKU Ⅱ.

The most amusing robot was Daidokoron which was character robot in Yater-Man. Daidokoron used a gun which hit opponent and got downs. The 1st stage, Yatta-Wan vs Daidokoron. The winner was Daidokoron .

Final Fight was carried out with 3 robots; ACGUY, Daidokoron and SD LAYZNER as Rumble Fight. The winner was ACGUY custom-built by Kumama-san, the 2nd place was Daidokoron by 3 Evils and the 3rd place was SD LAYZNER by Ishikawa-san.

Other videos were also uploaded in the YouTube IKETOMU Chennel.
IT media Gadget and Mynavi News also reported Okawara-Mecha Battle Tournament.

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