Oct 25, 2009

Under 1 kg Humanoid Robot Fight in Akihabara, Tokyo ( Oct. 24, 2009)

Robot Fight, "The 2nd U1K, Under 1 Kg" sponsored by RT Co., Ltd. was carried out at RT Office in Akihabara, Tokyo on Oct. 24th, 2009. While the ROBO-ONE humanoids have set the standard under 3 kg at the 15th Championship on May 4th, 2009. Some hobbyist just don’t have the space, resources, or budget to get actively into building large robots. To expand the playing field, RT Co., Ltd. planed an Under 1 Kg biped robot competition.

The regulation of the biped robot body were as follows;
Weight: under 1 kg (including battery), Height: under 60 cm, Total axis: more than 15 ( arm with 6 servos, foot with 8 servos ), Sole size of foot: under 12 cm, Max wide length: under 60 cm, Robot control: wire, radio, IR control or autonomous.

The rule of the game were as follows; Field size: 90 cm square board, robot got 3 downs within 3 minutes was winner, robot gone down from the field was loser, robot could not stand up within ten counts was loser.

Eleven robots attended the competition. As marketed robots, G-ROBOT , JO-ZERO , Robovie-nano are fitting the body regulation, based 2 G-ROBOTs, 3 JO-ZEROs and 3 Robovie-nanoes joined the competition.

The winner was Soga, original robot developed for throwing fight using small size servo by Mr. Igaa who also developed `Saga`. The 2nd Place was Pixie based G-ROBOT by Emanon. The third place was Dampthi-kai.

As the special prize for the weakest robot was JO-ZERO original parts, the tournament for the weakest robot was also carried out. Shakashaka-NANO got the prize.

The video are as follows:

The 1st stage, 4 maches were JOZERO-S vs Pixie, Keinsenyou-ROBO, Danputhi-kai vs ShakaShaka-NANO, Torajiro vs Soga. Winners were Pixie, Keinsenyou-ROBO, Danputhi-kai and Soga.

The 2nd stage, 3 maches were Pixie vs Ikadesu-Uing, Keinsenyou-ROBO vs Shunran, Danputhi-kai vs Shibutsu-3gou. Winners were Pixie, Shunran, Danputhi-kai.

The semifinal, 2 maches were Pixie vs Shunran, Danputhi-kai vs Soga. Winners were Pixie and Soga.

The tournament for the weakest robot, 3 maches were JOZERO-S vs Ikades-Uing, Shinchan vs ShakaShaka-NANO, Shibutsu-3gou vs Torajiro. Three losers had a ramble fight for the weakest robot. The weakest robot was ShakaShaka-NANO.

For the third place match was Shunran vs Dampthi-kai. The 3rd Place was Dampthi-kai.

The final match was Pixie vs Soga. The winner was Soga by Igaa. The 2nd Place was Pixie by Emanon.

The ramble fight was carried out with all robots joined. The winner was also Soga by Igaa.

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