Jan 28, 2009

'Mercury', new type robot leg parts for KRS-4000 series were put on the market (Jan 28, 2009)

CRAFT HOUSE put 'Mercury, MELISSA Parallel-Link Leg set', new type robot leg parts, on the market on Jan. 28, 2009. MELISSA is KRS4000 Series Standard Model, just for using KRS-4000 series servo for biped robot produced by KONDO CO. LTD. New parts set is consisted of just parts, excluded servo and control board.

Feature of Mercury are as follows:
1) Mercury is a leg parts set using parallel-link mechanism for KRS-4000 Series servo produced by KONDO CO. LTD.
2) The parallel-link mechanism makes heavy robot body (Open Class using high power servo as KRS-4013, 4014) move with stability, or makes Standard Class body using low power servo as KRS-4024 with stability.
3) Leg size is depended on using structure, 280 x 48 x 42 mm or 302 x 48 x 42 mm
4) Mercury is just leg parts set, so robot builder can make another robot using their surplus servo and parts with the kit. The parts of 'MELISSA' for example, body or legs, also get from Hobby Robot site of CRAFT HOUSE.

The prototype of `Mercury` was used for Super Digger Ⅱ produced by Hironochi. Super Digger Ⅱ became the winner of the 1st JSRC (Japan Standard Regulation Community) Championship on Jan. 11, 2009 in Osaka. Mercury was developed by Kyushu Robot Group for Standard Regulation Class robot against 'Daigakku' which was the winner of standard regulation class and the third place of open class in the 8th Robofights on Nov. 2 and 3, 2008, also has parallel-link leg mechanism.

It was proved that the parallel link mechanism of leg is suitable for Standard Regulation Class (SRC) which is limited number of high torque servo as five and also for open class robot.

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