May 5, 2009

The 2nd KONDO BATTLE in Akihabara (May 3rd, 2009)

The 2nd KONDO BATTLE sponsored by KONDO KAGAKU CO., LTD was carried out on May 3rd, 2009 at Clark Memorial International High School, in Akihabara, TOKYO. The 2nd KONDO BATTLE had three tournaments which were Exhibition Class, Open Class and Student Class. Exhibition Class could be joined who has the right to join the 15th ROBO-ONE in Kawasaki on May 4th, 2009. The Open class winner could get a right to join the 15th ROBO-ONE tournament. Student Class winner also could get a right to join the 15th ROBO-ONE tournament.

The main regulation was the weight of robot, which have to be 3 kg or under 3 kg. Thirty robots; Exhibition Class was 9, Open Class was 12 and Student Class was 9, joined the competition.

The winner of Exhibition Class was Garue (Kumama), Open Class was Gargoil (Yoshida Familia), Student Class was Dorukas (SHIBAUA INSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY). Gargoil and Dorukas got the right to join the 15th ROBO-ONE tournament would be carried out on next day, May 4th, 2009.

The topic of this competition, BLACK TIGER NEO which was autonomous robot, could won 2 robots which were radio controlled in the Open Class.

The video of BLACK TIGER NEO autonomous fight and each class final match videos are as follows:

BLACK TIGER NEO (autonomous) vs KLRV (radio controlled)

BLACK TIGER NEO (autonomous) vs Phantom (radio controlled)

Exhibition Class Final match, Garue vs Daigakku

Open Class Final match, Gargoil vs Armdoll

Student Class Final match, Dorukas vs Doriler

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