Aug 11, 2009

Robovie-nano, a small class robot kit, will be put on the market ( Aug 10, 2008 )

Vstone announced Robovie-nano, a small class robot kit using 15 servos `VS-S020` with high mobility, will be put on the market. VS-RC003HV using in the Vstone Robovie series robots is also used as the control board of the kit. The shipment scheduled around middle of September, 2009 from Vstone web shop and other robot shops.

The characteristics of new model are as follows:
1)Compact and high performance robot kit
Using 15 `VS-S020` servos, VS-RC003HV as the control board and parallel-link legs makes up the mobility of the robot, for example, speed and stability of walking.

2)Simple design and reasonable price
Simple robot design and RoboviesMaker2 as motion editor make a reasonable price and easy remodeling with option parts.

3)Original option parts
Using original exterior or grip hands as the option parts makes the robot cool. Option parts also will be put on the market.

Specifications are as follows:
Length: 230 (H)×121(W)×72(D)mm
Weight: 575g (including battery)
Axis: 15 (head 1, arm 6, foot 8)
Servo: VS-S020 x15 (torque: 2.2kg-cm)
Motion editor: RobovieMaker2
Battery: 1.5V Ni-H x4 (excluding the price)
OS: Windows2000/XP/Vista (in Japanese)
Interface: USB
Others: Speaker for robot voice is attached
Price: 49,350 yen(including tax)

The detail are described in Vstone web site and Robot Watch. Motion videos are as follows;

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It is an awesome robot, my little brother have one, I'm lying if I say that I didn't enjoyed as well.