Dec 29, 2009

Remo Humanoid Kit/P, a new humanoid robot kit, was put on the market ( Dec 15, 2009 )

Asakusagiken put Remo Humanoid Kit/P ( Remo ) , a new humanoid robot kit on the market on Dec 15th, 2009. The kit is suitable for expert robot builders. The characteristics of the new kit are as follows:

(1)`Remote Brain` Type Robot System
Remo is controlled wireless by PC. `Remote Brain` means wireless control system by PC. It is possible to make variety of `Remo Brain` Robots using option parts.

(2)Radio control by Bluetooth
The main board of Remo has BluetoothVer2.0+EDR(BT)function which communicates to PC by 460.8kbps. A cheap USB type BT module can be used as the PC side BT module.

(3)Programming on PC
As the program is made on PC, there are some good points compared with writing program on the micro computer in the robot as follows;
1) It is possible to make long program without limited memory size.
2) High speed and complicated program such as image processing can be moved.
3) There are a lot of texts such as VisualStudio.

(4)Image sensor with 2 eyes
Main board has an image sensor with 2 eyes. Sample program of image processing is also prepared.

(5)Foot sole sensor
Foot sole sensor is developing for the robot kit. The sensor measuring the changes on the foot sole weight balance will make the balance control of the robot.

(6) Robot nerves system interchangeability
I/F of the robot are interchangeable with Asakusagiken robot nerves system AGB65 series. It is possible to use RC servo, serial servo, DC motor, to input sensor signal and output sound signal.

(7)Continuous moving with AC adaptor
It is possible to move continuously by the option LiPo battery charger baseboard with AC adaptor. In the case of the robot using serial servos, it is possible to move the robot for several days by keeping the servos free.

Price (excluding tax)

Remo Head Kit/P: 50,000 Yen
Remo, LiPo battery charge baseboard, LiPo battery, AC adaptor, Robot frame (just head parts), excluding servo and control board

Remo Humanoid Kit/P: 380,000 Yen
Remo, LiPo battery charge baseboard, LiPo battery, Ac adaptor, Robot frame, PRS-DE07MS(improved) x 20, serial servo control board

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