Sep 20, 2011

New Type Biped Robot 'Roller-Dash' Custom-Built by Igaa-san (Sep. 16, 2011)

Igaa-san opened his new type biped robot 'Roller-Dash' which feet equipped wheels at his blog site (in Japanese) of Ropotal on Sep 16, 2011.

I think it is the first type biped hobby robot moving with wheels. Weight of the new robot is 404 g and it's height is 17.5 cm, for UK1/2 (Under 500 g).   You can recognize the size of the robot compared with the picture of 'Saaga'.   He wrote in his blog that he developed with a lot of failure and his unique robot was also developing.

Igaa-san also developed a new type multi-legged robot, 'Vanga', 6-legged robot with wheels, which could move with high speed for Robot Survival Game in 2010.

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