Jul 29, 2009

The 7th Wandahoo Robot Carnival in Telecom Center, Tokyo (July 19, 2009)

Robot competition, "The 7th Wandahoo Robot Carnival" sponsored by Mr. Ishikawa was carried out at Telecom Center the 21st Floor, Tokyo on July 19th, 2009.

Thirty-eight robots joined the competition. Four type games, Dash 2000 (2 m foot race), Bottle Traction (pushing or pulling a basket with 500 or 1000 ml bottles for 2 m within 1 min; points are multiplication of number of bottles and distance carried), Dice Shot (dice soccer; points are depended on the spots of dice shot for 150 sec) and Cubs (team game of 3 robots each; carrying cubs to own territory for 2 min) were carried out.

Each robot got points from each game. In the case of team game, winner team robots got points. Four robots gotten much points had a final tournament of robot fight. The rest 34 robots had ramble fights.

The competition started at 13:00. The winner was Sarga (Igaa). The 2nd place was Daigakku (Akitsuka), the 3rd place was Manboo (Tokyo University of Science, Robot Creator), and the 4th place was Zerfer (ShirakazeM). The winner of ramble fights was Alumiy (Omata). And Prot-Zaurer (Kenta) got the right to join the 1st JSRC (Japan Standard Class Robot Community) Championship in Nagoya on October, 2009.

Videos are as follows:

Dash 2000 (2 m foot race) Sarga vs Doka Harumi

Dash 2000 (2 m foot race) Marin vs Mechakogy

Dash 2000 (2 m foot race) Kohana vs Eorz

Bottle Traction (carrying a basket with bottles) Kinopy vs Kabura

Dice Shot (dice soccer) Koyuki vs Kohana

Cubs (Getting cubs, team game) Sarga team vs Daigakku team

Ramble Fight Final Match

Robot Fight Final Match; Sarga vs Daigakku

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