Jul 28, 2009

The 3rd ROBO-ONE SOCCER in Panasonic Center, Tokyo ( July 18-19, 2009)

The 3rd RBO-ONE SOCCER was carried out at Panasonic Center in Tokyo on July 18th and 19th, 2009. The 1st Soccer Game of ROBO-ONE was carried out as ROBO-ONE Special CUP on June 30th and July 1st in 2007. Then every 1 year holds games.

There is a big difference between ROBO-ONE SOCCER and KONDO CUP soccer. The soccer field of ROBO-ONE SOCCER is made from a lot of joint carpet (30 cm x 30 cm ). Therefore, it is necessary to make motions different from those on the smooth field of KONDO CUP. Another big difference was the number of playing robots. Four robots played in the ROBO-ONE SOCCER different from 3 robots in the KONDOU CUP. Therefore, one team had to consist of 4 robots at least, most of teams consisted of 5 robots including a substitute robot.

Seven teams, as Trinity, Espresso-Pacchigi, Hamamatsu Technical High School, RFC Bamboo☆Bridge, Shisenkai, Nagaranger Kantou Branch and RFC Aichi attended the game. Espresso-Pacchigi team was an international team, consisted of English, Japanese and Korean.

The 1st preliminary league was carried out on July 18th and the 2nd preliminary league was on July 19th. Each top two teams of preliminary leagues had a final tournament on July 19th. The winner was Trinity, the 2nd place was Espresso-Pacchigi and the 3rd place was Shisenkai.

The 1st preliminary league had 21 games. Several games of the 1st preliminary league videos are as follows:

The 3rd game, RFC Aichi vs TRINITY


The 13th game, KANTOU BRANCH vs RFC Bamboo Bridge

The 15th game, RFC Aichi vs Espresso Pacchigi

The 16th game, Kantou Branch vs Hamamatsu Technical High School

The 18th game, Kantou Branch vs Shisenkai

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