Dec 27, 2010

Humanoid Helper Project 3rd, Table Robot Class and ROBO-ONE Light Class Fight (Dec 25, 2010)

Humanoid Helper Project (HHP) 3rd, Table Robot Class and ROBO-ONE Light Class (Under 3 kg) Fight took place at Housquare Yokohama on Dec 25, 2010.

The purpose of HHP is to commercialize useful robot for human through competitions. The 1st competition preliminary took place as ‘Helper Robot Project’ in Kawasaki on Aug 17th and final took place on Sep 6th, 2008.  HHP 2nd took place at Housquare Yokohama on Feb 20-21, 2010.   In the HHP 3rd, Table Robot Class competition took place for the first time.

HHP 3rd, Table Robot Class
Just 3 robots, Chromkid, DYNAMYZER-TT and  Table Probe Robot joined the competition.  Robots serve the guest on the table.  The winner was DYNAMIZER-TT, 2nd place was chromkid and 3rd place was Table Probe Robot.  Biped, multi-legged or wheel robot could join the Table Robot Class. Trail was carried out twice.  Videos of robot serving were as follows;



Table Probe Robot

ROBO-ONE Light Class Fight
ROBO-ONE Light Class, Under 3 kg, Competition took place at Housquare Yokohama, during Humanoid Helper Project 3rd.  The 19th ROBO-ONE tournament (Light Class, Under 3 kg) will take place at Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki Hall in Kawasaki on March 19-20, 2011.  Winner robot of the competition got the right to attend the 19th ROBO-ONE without preliminary competition. The 19th ROBO-ONE is held as the tournament with 32 robots which are winners of the local robot competitions and upper place robots in the preliminary competition, 9 m footrace on March 19th.

Thirteen robots joined the competition. The winner was HemmerHEAD, the 2nd place Rukanus and the 3rd place Neutrino1.  Ruranus got the right to attend the 19th ROBO-ONE tournament, because HemmerHEAD has gotten the right in other local competition.   Videos of fight were as follows;

The 1st stage, Dyuminus vs HummerHEAD, Winner was HummerHEAD

Semifinal match: Neutrino1 vs HummerHEAD, Winner was HummerHEAD

Final Match: HummerHEAD vs Rukanus, Winner was HummerHEAD

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