Dec 3, 2010

Making Low Price Robot Survival Game System (Nov 20-21, 2010)

The 3rd Robot Survival Game took place for 2 days at Make: Tokyo Meeting 06. Tanaka-san and other members demonstrated some kind of survival game and also exhibited robots and mobiles with gun and sensor systems of Robot Survival Game at the exhibition room.

Tanaka-san introduced 'Gunroller-kai' (kai means improvement), mobile with wheel which was based Gunroller on the market and how to make cheaper survival game robot system under 20 thousands yen by using kits and parts on the market.

It is not so hard to make a survival game multi-legged robot for robot builders who have been making biped custom-built robots.  Because they have a lot of idle controller, servos, arms and parts.

However, it is hard for a beginner to make a survival game robot system, especially to make a multi-legged robot. It costs much money to make a multi-legged robot. Tanaka-san made a custom-built 6-legged robot, Hinogazuchi with survival game system. He calculated the budget for a standard robot survival game system which is consisted with robot (or mobile), camera, gun and hit sensor, which costs about 187,000 yen as follows.

Standard Robot Survival Game System
Control Board (RCB-3HV): 17,000 yen
Servo Motor (KRS-788HV): 6000 x 20 = 120,000 yen
Flame Parts: 10,000 yen
Battery: 3000 yen
Radio Control Transmitter & Receiver (KRC-2AD): 18,000
Mini Electric Air Gun: 3000 yen
USB Wireless Web Camera: 8000 yen
[Hit Sensor]
Hit Sensor Parts: 3000 yen
Others: 5000 yen
Total Cost: 187,000 yen

The robot survival game system is consisted with 4 elements such as robot or mobile, camera, gun, hit sensor. The most expensive element is robot system including radio control system and battery which costs 168,000 (90%) in the standard system.

Tanaka-san planned to use a mobile kit with radio control system on the market such as Gunroller or R/C Scraper which cost about 3000 or 4000 yen including radio control system. It is the reason why the robot survival game permits to join not only robot but also mobiles such as tank with 4-wheels or caterpillars. The total of using Gunroller survival game system costs 18,000 yen.

Using Gunroller survival game system
Gunroller: 3000 yen
Mini Electric Air Gun: 3000 yen
USB Wireless Web Camera: 8000 yen
Hit Sensor Parts: 3000 yen
Others: 1000 yen
Total Cost: 18,000 yen

Using low price robot make the robot survival game system cheapper.  Noborizaka-san also made a survival game robot system using 4-legged turtle robot which was put on the market by KONDO. The price of the turtle robot is 39,900 yen (including tax and excluding radio control system).

I also tried to make 5-legged robot, BT-L15 based KHR-1. The mobility of the robot was superior to those of multi-legged robots.  Now KHR-1 was not put on the market but KHR-2 HV which is 90,700 yen (excluding tax, excluding radio control system), is put on the market, can be used as the base of 5-legged robot.

The 1st KONDOLAND Obstacle Race of Multi-Legged Robot will take place at ROBOSPOT in Akihabara, Tokyo on Dec 23, 2010. The competition will be shown on `Ustream KONDO Channel`.

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