Jan 28, 2014

KCB-4WL, New Wireless LAN Board Complete Version for Hobby Robot from KONDO (Jan 16th, 2014)

KONDO KAGAKU Co. Ltd put a new wireless lan board, KCB-4WL complete version on the Market. The new board, beta version was put on the market last September. The price including all systems is 36,000 yen (excluding tax).

KONDO KAGAKU Co. Ltd opened a new wireless LAN board for hobby robot on Sep 6th, 2013. KCB-4WL is a board for remote controlling robot system with KONDO robot controlling board RCB-3HV or RCB-4HV.   It seems to be useful for such as autonomous robot, multi-legged robot game etc.

KONDO KAGAKU Co. Ltd put KCB-3WL,  previous version of KCB-4WL on the market in 2010.  Details of the KCB-3WL were also described in this blog.

Specifications are as follows;
CPU: ATMEL 32bit ARM9base 400MHz
OS: glibc base Linux
RAM: 64Mbyte
Flash ROM: 64Mbyte
USB2.0 x2 (A type socket)
Size: 59.5 x 46.5 x 17 mm

Set including
Lantronix PremierWaveEN x1
KCB-4WL Interfaceboard x1
Screws for attaching 1 set
Poleantenna 1 set
ZH closscableB x1
Two-way cable x1
Start link cable x1
Sample program attatched

Since Oct. 19th, 2009

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